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Dr Stephanie Chaousis

Founder & Principal Consultant

Dr. Stephanie Chaousis is a seasoned science and technology professional with a focus on AI and biotech business development, research, and commercialization. With a PhD in Molecular Biology, her specialty lies in leveraging scientific innovation for strategic business growth. Her exceptional ability to foster strategic partnerships and collaborations has been instrumental in her role as the General Manager of intelliHQ, Australia's #1 AI in healthcare training organization. Under her leadership, the organization has seen a resurgence, attracting over $1M of government funding and partnership support within just 6 months of her taking the helm.

Dr. Chaousis also holds the position of Head of Partnerships, Research, and Commercialization at Datarwe, where she has played a pivotal role in building the company's go-to-market strategy. Her keen understanding of customer needs and her adept project management skills have significantly boosted the company's product traction.

A firm believer in mentorship, Dr. Chaousis guides startup founders at LuminaX Healthtech Accelerator and provides training and coaching at Women in AI. As a Senior Advisor, she also imparts her knowledge and experience to aspiring professionals in the AI sector.

Her research and educator roles at leading Australian universities underscore her commitment to scientific discovery and learning. Her research has led to 26 published scientific articles in six years across medical and environmental sciences. Dr. Chaousis' work also extends to proteomic and metabolomic biomarker development, and cell-based cancer research.

Dr. Chaousis' unique blend of scientific expertise, strategic thinking, and leadership abilities make her an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to harness the power of science and technology for growth and success.

We make sure our clients stay ahead of the game using our diverse toolkit:

Technical Expertise

Cellular technologies

Molecular technologies 


Drug discovery

AI-enabled biotech

Life sciences equipment

...and much more.

Market Knowledge

Emerging technologies

Market trends

Industry networks

Commercialization strategies

Industry Best Practices

Business Strategy

Technology validity
Market potential
Clinical validation
Development roadmap
Competitive advantage
Risks and mitigation

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